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About Us

As an advanced skin & laser clinic, here at RABL  we are passionate about our treatments, that combined with our outstanding customer care, that’s what makes us one of the UK’s up & coming leading aesthetics specialists!


Offering advanced treatments such as Laser Hair Removal, Aesthetics, Botox, Fillers, Advanced Facials, Fat Dissolving Lashes, SPMU, Microblading and much more, RABL is your one stop for all your beauty essentials.


Our Mission

Our customers rate of satisfaction is our priority. Our mission is to establish a world-renowned brand who are the first choice for men and women who desire skin and body treatments. We are committed to our international quality standards which hold a high level of service with the upmost ethical values.

At RABL we believe that everyone deserves to feel good about themselves and our aim is to provide everyone access to luxurious treatments at affordable prices. We want to help improve people's self-esteem, confidence and remove self-imposed limitations.

Our Goals

  • Meeting customers’ needs and demands

  • Keeping the customer satisfaction rates high

  • Following international developments and implementing them at our clinics

  • Ensuring that every professional working at RABL has the relevant experience and qualifications to do their job descriptions in the most perfect way

  • Using the most up to date techniques and technology.

  • Continuing to train and educate our staff, focusing on the satisfaction of our customers.

  • Making a prominent stance within the cosmetic and aesthetic industry.

Meet The Team

Our Values


  • Ethical

  • Perfectionism


  • Innovative

  • Honesty

  • Transparency

  • Client & Employee Satisfaction

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